Bond FAQ


Recent Bond

In November 2018, the voters of Clear Creek passed both a mill and a bond. The mill provided for a compensation increase for all CCSD employees, as well as the purchase of new buses over time in CCSD (one every other year). The $5 million bond provided dollars for new boilers, a generator, roofing repairs, and more in buildings across our district, new playgrounds at each of the three elementary schools, an athletic stadium and field at the middle/high school, and additional buses. 


CCSD was able to leverage grant dollars, capital reserves, and donations to complete nearly $6 million in projects from the 2018 bond. This provided enhancements such as synthetic turf at the athletic stadium and beautiful playgrounds at the elementary schools.


What’s the difference between a mill and a bond? A bond funds new buildings, building repairs, renovations, and needs associated with facilities. Think “B” buildings & bonds. A mill can fund operational costs, such as compensation increases or other needed items and initiatives.


Ongoing Needs

The CCSD Board of Education has voted to place a bond question on the November 2021 ballot. While the 2018 bond provided dollars for needed repairs and replacements, (with no increase to taxes), it was the first bond in over 20 years. With millions of dollars in needed repairs and replacements, CCSD needs a plan for immediate and future needs. 


  • Complete roof replacement, exterior improvements including siding and asphalt, and food service improvements at Georgetown Community School
  • Modernize, improve safety, and increase preschool capacity for King Murphy Elementary
  • Modernize and improve safety for Clear Creek MS and HS, plus athletic field lights
  • Reimagine school and district buildings in Idaho Springs to modernize, consolidate, improve efficiency and safety

Georgetown Community School: $750,000
King Murphy Elementary: $1,250,000
Clear Creek MS/HS: $500,000
Building 103 Renovation: $24,850,000
Risk, Inflation, & Environmental Contingency: $3,580,000
Issuance and Administration: $2,070,000

Total Plan: $33,000,000


What happens if we wait?

Each year the cost of construction and repair increases. This has been especially true over the past year, with cost increases of 12-18%. Further, surrounding districts continue to invest in schools resulting in renovated, modernized schools. CCSD is an exceptional choice for mountain families; with enrollment an ongoing challenge, our buildings cannot be sub-par. Most importantly, our students deserve the very best learning environments. 



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